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The HCARC repeater is located in Levelland, Texas on the west side of the city. The antenna is at approximately 280 feet. This repeater pushes approximately 30 watts at the antenna and provides county wide coverage. It is on battery backup and is used for weather related events, but you will at times find people operating in friendly conversation.

The repeater is a Yaesu FUSION repeater and it will also operate in digital mode. The frequency is (T) 146.880 MHz with a -600KHz offset for a (R) of 146.280 MHz and 103.5 tone. If you want digital mode (Yaesu) the frequencies are the same, but the DGID is 023. At some point in the future, it may be converted to work on the Yaesu Wires-X system,but that is not on the immediate plan.

There is also a Wires-X node available in town. It is not a part of the HCARC, but it is available. The node operates on 145.670 with a 023 DGID. The node# is 18408. Active nodes may be searched for at YAESU Wires-X and selecting the active list.