The HCARC has taken on as a public service project the purchase and installation of lightning warning systems to be installed at the Oxy complex and the city park ball fields. Given the severe storms that our area is known for, giving advance warning of approaching lightning activity can be seen as a literal lifesaver.

These warning systems are quite pricey, but the money is an investment in the safety of the public. Our goal is to initially purchase one portable system that can be deployed in any location deemed necessary. The ultimate goal is to provide 2 systems, one of which is a permanent installation. Our target level is $5,000.00. Each system will cost approximately $2,500.00.

As of December 2017, we have raised $1,364.00 towards that goal.We would like to thank our donors and the citizens of Levelland and Hockley county for helping us get to that point.

Please consider making a donation to this cause. If you wish, we have made available a Paypal donation button.

Thank you for your support!