Welcome to the club!

The HCARC is an informal group formed to help local ham radio operators share, learn and promote the hobby of amateur radio. It is our hope that HCARC will serve as resource for all those with an interest in amateur radio living in or around Hockley county. You are welcome to join the club, and you don’t have to be a licensed ham operator to be a member! The HCARC is a registered club with the ARRL. Hockley county is in the West Gulf Division, West Texas Section of the ARRL.

HCARC has been in existence for many years. Much of the club's history has been lost, as it went inactive for a number of years. No one seems to know the exact date at which it was originally formed, as most of the original and founding members are now Silent Keys. the club was re-activated in 2009. If anyone knows of any past history of the club, please let us know so we can record it for posterity.

The Hockley County Amateur Radio Club (HCARC) is an incorporated 501c3 non profit within the state of Texas.

A little about Hockley County

Hockley County is located at approximately 33-36-36 north, 102-20-22W and covers nearly 909 square miles, only one of which is water. The county has 7 cities and towns within its jurisdiction. According to the 2010 census it is home to 22,935 people.

Hockley county has 1 municipal airport located in the southern portion of Levelland. There are numerous public buildings and recreational facilities located within Hockley county. There are state, county and city offices and facilities, the South Plains college campus, Unites States Postal Service and Offices, city and town independent school districts.